On this podcast episode, I have my good friend Syed Balkhi in to discuss the necessary strategies to scale up your WordPress business.

Syed Balkhi is a hugely successful and award-winning entrepreneur running several 8-figure online businesses. He is the founder of WPBeginners, List25, OptinMonster, EnviraGallery, and many others. He started his entrepreneurial journey at 9 with a small snack shop in his neighborhood and has since become one of the most notable online entrepreneurs.

 What are you going to learn in this podcast?

  • How Syed started WPBeginners.
  • How to find a partner for your business.
  • How to come up with new product ideas (real-life experiences).
  • Should you purchase an existing company or build something from scratch?
  • Should you stop working on your blog after launching your product?
  • Important tips on managing and growing partnerships.

And a lot of other great insights that you can only hear on this ShoutMeLoud podcast.

Show Notes

1:22 – Syed remembers how he started WPBeginner as an answer to all the questions his existing clients had.

3:05 – Syed received 80,000 unique visitors from Digg when he first started blogging.

3.24 – Syed talks about launching his products like OptinMonster while running his blog.

4:42 – “Your blog is your media.”

5:49 – Benefits of running your affiliate program on an affiliate marketplace rather than having your own affiliate program.

7:17 – Syed’s ideas behind purchasing a company rather than starting one from scratch.

12:57 – What should be the exit strategy in a partnership firm?

13:24 – Syed’s message to all the bloggers who are starting out and who want to scale up fast.

Key Takeaway

Know your audience completely. Always solve a problem for your readers. Don’t just create a product because others are doing it.

Links and Resources Mentioned

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